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Access a comprehensive list of contact numbers for various government agencies in the United States. Find the right contact information for your inquiries and assistance needs.

In the United States, government agencies play a vital role in providing essential services, enforcing regulations, and maintaining public order. If you need to contact a specific government office or agency, it’s important to have the correct phone number. Below, you’ll find a table with key government agencies and their contact numbers, as well as some additional information about each agency.

AgencyPhone NumberDescription
U.S. Department of State1-202-647-4000Handles diplomatic relations and foreign affairs.
Internal Revenue Service1-800-829-1040Manages federal taxes and revenue collection.
Social Security Administration1-800-772-1213Administers social security and retirement benefits.
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)1-202-324-3000Investigates and enforces federal laws.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)1-800-424-8802Oversees environmental regulations and protection.

US Government Offices Phone Numbers

  • Access contact details for various government offices at the federal, state, and local levels.

US Gov Phone Numbers

  • Find phone numbers for key government agencies, making it easier to reach out for assistance or information.

Washington DC Government Phone Numbers 👇

  • Locate essential numbers for government offices in the nation’s capital.

Federal Agency Phone Numbers

  • Contact information for federal agencies responsible for various aspects of governance.

Kansas State Agency Numbers

  • Discover contact details for government agencies specific to the state of Kansas.

Having access to accurate government agency phone numbers can be invaluable when you need to address specific concerns, seek assistance, or stay informed about government-related matters. Whether it’s a federal, state, or local agency, having the right number at your fingertips can streamline your interactions with the government.

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