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Hi, as of January 2024, the quantity of month to month dynamic clients of the YouTube stage is 1.5 billion, and the quantity of dynamic clients in the USA is 245 million. In the USA, the typical pay you will acquire per 1000 impressions is 150-250 ₺. It is extremely simple to arrive at 1-2k hits and acquire pay in 2-3 months. Rolleyes

Assuming that you are intrigued up until this point, I suggest you read the presentation underneath. I have been making YouTube diverts in different European dialects for quite a long time (presently it has been 3 years). The channels I make begin bringing in cash in 2-3 months by and large. My English channels that I have opened for the USA procure 5-8 bucks for each 1000 perspectives, my French channel acquires 2-3 EURO, and the German channel acquires 3-4 euros. The areas I serve are this way.  Huh

In the event that a quality channel is made, I can procure 4-5k hits each day in a half year. can be reached yearly. My US and French channels get ordinary installments. I'm sharing screen captures of the pay of a couple of my channels underneath.

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